Kids on Gallaghers Childcare Events

Once a month, the Kids on Gallaghers educators celebrate a Free Dress Friday. To participate, they need to give a gold coin donation which will go towards our Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal donation for 2021

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  • 3rd Jan β›” Public Holiday
  • 25th Jan 😎 Australia Day Celebrations
  • 26th Jan β›” Australia Day - Public Holiday
  • 28th Jan πŸŽ‚ Our 14th Birthday!


  • 1st Feb β›© Chinese New Year
  • 14th Feb πŸ’˜Valentines Day
  • 14th Feb 🀸 Beijing Winter Olympics


  • 1st Mar πŸ₯ž Pancake Day
  • 7th Mar 🌏Clean Up Australia Day
  • 14th Mar β›” Public Holiday
  • 17th Mar πŸ€ St Patricks Day
  • 21st Mar πŸ•Š Harmony Day


  • 5th Apr 🦸 Fantasy Day
  • 7th Apr πŸš‘ 000 & First Aid Training
  • 14th Apr 🐰 Easter Hunt
  • 15th Apr β›” Good Friday - Public Holiday
  • 17th Apr 🐰Happy Easter!
  • 18th Apr β›” Easter Monday - Public Holiday
  • 25th Apr β›” ANZAC Day - Public Holiday


  • 6th May πŸ’ Mothers Day Afternoon Tea
  • 8th May 🌻 Happy Mother's Day
  • 17th May 🧁 World Baking Day
  • 26th May πŸ•Š National Sorry Day


  • 3rd Jun β™» World Environment Day
  • 6th Jun 🐣 Henny Penny Chicken Hatching
  • 13th Jun β›” Public Holiday πŸ‘‘ Queens Birthday
  • 17th Jun 🀸 Music & Movement Incursion
  • 23rd Jun πŸ‘· Dress Up Day
  • 27th Jun πŸ“š Family/Educator Interview Week


  • 4th Jul - 8th Jul NAIDOC Week
  • 20th Jul πŸŽ€ Pajama & 🎬 Movie Day


  • 5th Aug πŸ‘– Jeans for Genes Day
  • 12th Aug πŸ”΄ Red Nose Day
  • 22nd Aug - 26th Aug 🀴 Children's Book Week
  • 27th Aug 🌻 Daffodil Day


  • 2nd Sep πŸ“ Fathers Day Afternoon Tea
  • 4th Sep πŸ’™ Fathers Day
  • 7th Sep πŸŽ“ Educators Day
  • 29th Sep 🏈 Footy Day
  • 30th Sep β›” Public Holiday


  • 24th Oct πŸͺ” Diwali Festival
  • 31st Oct πŸŽƒ Halloween - Dress Up Day


  • 1st Nov β›” Public Holiday
  • 1st Nov πŸ‡ Melbourne Cup Day
  • 9th Nov 🧸 Teddy Bears Picnic
  • 11th Nov 🌹 Remembrance Day
  • 17th Nov 🐷 Farm Visit
  • 21st Nov - 25th Nov πŸ‘ͺ Centre Photos
  • 22nd Nov πŸ“š Family/Educator Interview Week


  • 6th Dec πŸŽ“ Christmas Concert & Kinder 4 Graduation
  • 13th Dec πŸŽ„πŸŽ…Christmas Party & Santa Visit
  • 25th Dec πŸŽ…Christmas Day πŸŽ„
  • 26th Dec β›” Boxing Day - Public Holiday
  • 27th Dec β›” Christmas Day - Public Holiday